Foam Rolling

Also known as self myofascial release, foam rolling is a major player when it comes to keeping yourself limber throughout the day. When you can’t find the time to get a massage, foam rolling is an excellent substitute that can be implemented into your daily routine. Each morning, I essentially roll out of bed and onto the floor to wake up my muscles with a foam roller.

By using a gargantuan piece of condensed foam, you are able to identify places in your own body where adhesions or tight muscles are located. Maintain your weight on those points for 20-30 seconds until you feel them release and continue rolling up and down the muscle. Be sure to stay off any joints or bony landmarks, and remember that the muscle you’re focused on should be FULLY relaxed.

The foam roller allows you to have proper range of motion and enhanced performance. If your job requires you to drive for long lengths of time or sit all day, this is the perfect addition to help your body be at an optimal level for functional movement. It’s also the perfect warm up or cool down to any workout. Try it out yourself. Do a few regular squats before and after foam rolling. You’ll feel an immediate difference. I liken it to being oiled down with WD-40.

You can find foam rollers online or order it right here at Ocean LightForce Chiropractic Clinic. I suggest the 18″ by 6″ roller, but any length can be used to suit your needs. The 24″ would suffice for the upper body chest stretch to allow enough room for both your head and pelvis to rest on the roller as you stretch your arms to the side. As always, I’m here to help and will be happy to show you how to do each move in person. Enjoy!

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