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Most people think of doctors and supplements to aid in healing. However, have you ever considered being healed by light? 

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My first run in with the biomat began in grad school. My friend had one, and we would enjoy many a movie while sitting on this amazing butt warmer. Turns out that keeping our bottoms on low heat did a body good in more ways than one.

The far infrared light penetrates deep into the body to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation/swelling, and stimulates healthy cells for longevity and rejuvenation.

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The negative ions increase oxygen flow to the brain, meaning more energy and focus. What are these ions I speak of? Sorry to get your hopes up if you're thinking of the movie Transformers. You actually are around negative ions whenever you are in a natural place, such as the beach or in the mountains. They are found in high concentrations in nature; unfortunately, they are in very low concentrations indoors and around computers. As I type this blog for you, I'm slowly becoming more positive. You are welcome in advance for this sacrifice.

Amethyst crystals aid the immune system against unwanted microscopic pets. Ultimately, it helps to balance between parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. What does that mean? Elementary, my dear Watson. Parasympathetic is your rest and digest mode. Sympathetic is your fight or flight mode... just in case you're attempting to run away from lions, tigers... or clowns.

The NASA technology allows for a whole body tune up. The various temperatures allow for different healing to happen at each state. No heat still allows for negative ions to flourish, whereas, the highest temperature allows for sauna level cleansing and detoxing. Personally, I have experienced better circulation with having cold hands and feet as a symptom before using biomat. It also served as a great healing tool after experiencing car and motorcycle wrecks. If you're stressed, this is a great opportunity to help decrease your worries immediately. If it's that time of the month, ladies, it is good for that as well.

The best thing is that HSA and FSA accounts acknowledge this as a medical purchase. FDA approved. And the whole family will love it. What's missing in your home on a cold winter day or a rainy evening? If interested in testing out this beauty yourself, give us a call at 757-933-1888.

You deserve good health and longevity. 


Dr. D