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No TV = PhD


Quite the title, aye?

Think about it. How many hours a week are you spending on electronic devices? That includes cell phones, TV, computers, video games etc. Imagine if you take that time, including when you're driving, and use it toward education and learning new skills that could potentially turn into your newest hobby.

Addiction to technology can yield the same symptoms as those who are addicted to drugs. Not to mention isolation from society when texting or responding to online messages that require no one from the outside to be nearby. Got memory problems? Try disconnecting for a certain period of time every day and see how things begin to change. Constant bombardment of ads, notifications, and messages rewire our brain to respond differently. Eventually, we respond to other aspects of life in the same way. Impatience and lack of attention span are things that I have seen in my own life after giving in to the world wide web. 

Don't think you're affected? Check out this study showing how multitaskers perform poorly.

Don't take my word for it. Listen to the Swedes or Stanford. Taking time to disconnect is just as important as being connected, and I would argue that it's more vital to your wellbeing. 

When you choose to reconnect, take a look at what you're allowing to be your focus. Soap operas, movies, crime shows? Video games that may only improve finger speed with a remote control? We only have so many hours in the day and every life ends. So make each moment count. Of course, it's okay to relax and have downtime with friends at the theatre. Don't make it your daily occurrence when you were born to do so much more.

Although social media and texting have their place and make the world turn, what are we sacrificing by constantly being plugged in? Perhaps a sound mind, inner peace, and contentment?

Consider audio books or podcasts related to a new subject or a topic that you've always wanted to learn about. Perhaps starting a new language on your daily commute. Whatever your venture, I wish you the best. Cheers to new knowledge!

Yours in health,

Dr. D