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Lions, Tigers, and Clowns... oh my!


Most of us can agree that life can be stressful. We have a booked schedule and if someone cancels, we easily fill that slot with the next event or person demanding our attention. Why don't we take a hint from Europeans and slow down to enjoy life?

When we are in a stressful environment, our body goes into chaos. We are constantly inundated with information and consistent bombardment of texts and notifications. We are rewiring our brain to take on little bits of information at a time and not focus on anything for more than a few short seconds or minutes.

What else happens on the inside of us? Our guts get a bit squirmish, and I don't mean just because there's food being moved about. In a stressed state, our body is in a state of fight or flight mode. The blood goes to where it's needed most. In a fighting state, it will go to the muscles so you can run away from lions, tigers, or clowns.

Chances are you don't have lions, tigers, or clowns chasing you. If so, I highly doubt you'd have time to read this blog. If you CAN do both at the same time, I applaud you and would love your autograph later...Alas, I digress...

If you're eating lunch and panicking about a deadline or driving through traffic, then the food you just ate won't be digested to its optimal level when stressed. Even if all you eat is organic, you may be missing a few things when your mind is in a million places at once. Not to mention if you just ate something you're allergic to. Then you basically have microscopic fighters like kittens with machine guns running rampant in the guts and shooting everything in sight, regardless of whether the organisms are friend or foe. 

The most obvious answer is to stress less. Find what's best for you to decrease that sympathetic mode so you can slow down, reassess, and think clearly. Your body will thank you for it.

Yours in Health,

Dr. D