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How You Influence Your Nervous System



I’m Dr. Deana, owner of Find the Balance Chiropractic & Wellness Center.
When I moved here three years ago, I began working for someone else with
the intention of taking over the office at a later time. It was my perception
that I would get to a point to where I would know enough, earn
enough, and be educated enough to take on such a venture. God had
drastically different plans for me and had much more faith in me than
I had in myself.
healthy choices for themselves and to carry that into their daily living
not only for him/herself, but also for his/her family so that
everyone can experience a better quality of life. Frederick Douglass once
said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.
It is my wish that infants and children grow up with chiropractic
and won’t have to deal with symptoms, such as asthma, allergies, & aches/pains.
It also shows them how to take responsibility and enjoy self care so that
they have enough energy and strength to help others in their lives.
a grocery store, an automotive service, garden center, eye doctor,
hair salon, subway, etc. My goal is to have a one stop shop for alternative
health care so you can get everything you need to take care of you and
your family in a single place. It’s a nice relaxing environment but
also professional and takes care of some serious health concerns
chemically, physically, and mentally.
Are you working them out or your compensations?  Over time with a
not so good lat, what happens? Every muscle’s related to
an organ.  In this case, it’s related to the pancreas. When they’re not working
well and you’re under stress, blood sugar goes up. The body is unable to
maintain proper insulin levels resulting in irritability,
nervousness, tiredness, feeling shaky & weak.
can't keep up with converting epinephrine/nor-epinephrine into glucose
for the body's increased need for energy in the cells. Increased insulin,
not enough epinephrine/norepinephrine - so what happens to blood
sugar? It goes down, down, down. (and the flames went higher?)
There's a dramatic drop in blood sugar leading to electrolyte imbalance. You
may say to yourself that you will just drink smart water. Let me remind
you that we’re looking at the tip of the iceberg. How well did that
work out for Titanic?
Now you have a drop in blood sugar, electrolyte imbalance, and then
cells slow down dramatically. How do you feel? What do you do?
Eat sweets with coffee or soda, which is a short term remedy. Soon
you're like a chihuahua with a machine gun ready to take out any
obstacles in your path and start your day off right...until
the "plunge." A plunge to the sweet depths of low
of chocolate cake all over again.
levels of messed up insulin and adrenaline levels. This also screws up
the nervous system and homeostasis of the body, also known as blood
pressure/temperature regulation/hormones. At the end of the day,
you're ready to pass out without having done anything all day
long. It's the same as having the brake and gas pedals
on at the same time. A lot of noise and no movement.
the symptoms for hypoglycemia. And eating something you're
sensitive or allergic to can make it worse. (which we test for in the office)
I feel weak." Could you imagine if a lion woke up and said, “Alas,
I’m too weak to get a gazelle today. Woe is me. Lioness, will you
fetch me a mouse?”  No, you just don’t see that in nature.
and performance at home and work suffers. At first, the person is able
to cover for little slips in memory and job function. However, with
progressing adrenal fatigue, personal productivity declines, tolerance
decreases and emotional outbreaks become more frequent or have
to be controlled with more effort. You may feel that you
have to push yourself harder to accomplish the same
work you did with ease before.
experiencing adrenal fatigue may become socially withdrawn.
They can feel trapped and as a result, they may act more aggressive
or withdrawn, even though they are feeling more vulnerable.
Frustrations and fears build up and frequently there is a “final straw”
that leads to burnout or full-blown adrenal fatigue. Adrenal
fatigue contributes to the stress they experience and the stress in
turn contributes to the adrenal fatigue.
Sartorius, gracilis, posterior tibialis, gastrocnemius,
and soleus.  Think those muscles are important? I don’t know.
Are your feet, knees, hips, and low back important? Blood sugar and
adrenals affect these muscles. This is but one example of how so many
things in the body relate to each other.
It’s so important that we take care of each aspect,
mentally, physically, chemically, and spiritually. We can help in our
office. Speaking of which…
Yours in health,
Dr. D


My goal is to educate, enlighten, and empower others to make

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What began as basic chiropractic has metamorphosed into Applied Kinesiology, an analysis where muscle testing is used to see how balanced the body is. Although daily gym goers may believe that they can beat me, it’s not testing how strong you are. It’s looking to see what’s going on from a neurological point of view. Even with weight lifting competitors, I can find multiple weaknesses in the body and, with treatment, may help increase the weight that they’re lifting.

How can I deliver such magical works? Take your lats for example.

Stress in and of itself can create adrenal fatigue because the adrenals
blood sugar and a reason to have that sweet deliciousness

Now we have a nice little roller coaster effect with descending and ascending

Insufficient glucose levels to the brain are attributed for many of

Let’s say you’re hypoglycemic. "I feel shaky in the mornings,

When the adrenals fatigue in a high stress situation, burnout begins

Relationships and/or marriage dissatisfaction may occur and people

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