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Need a working brain?


If everything affects everything, then wouldn’t it be wise to look at the body as a whole instead of piece by piece? Unless you’re part cyborg, then that goes without saying. Ask any doctor in any field and they’ll tell you that without the brain working, nothing else will be functioning either. When an interference occurs, it’s the same as if the organ, muscle, or tissue were to change the radio frequency and still try to talk to the brain. Unfortunately, it won’t receive the message. Try switching radio frequencies with military operations and you can see how screwed up that situation would be.

When the stressors become too much, that’s when we see a decline in health and increase in symptoms. If you’re into alliterations, you’ll love this: Thoughts, Traumas, Toxins. Thoughts include any time you start stressing, and can we all agree as business owners that at times it can be a bit stressful? Anyone ever drive around DC, NYC, or Atlanta? It’s scary! Same goes for if everything’s not great on the home front or at work. Can you recall being in a room with someone who just sucked the life out of you? If we keep all our organs, muscles, and tissues at a healthy vibrational level, they’re more likely to stay in balance when introduced to different stressors – whether it’s people, events, or other situations. For example, watch this metronome video and see how in a matter of minutes, they all synchronize. Check it out hereRecall that many self help books suggest that you evaluate yourself based on the top five people that you hang out with. This demonstrates how you resonate with others, as well as how all the organs are intertwined energetically within your body.

Traumas include everything big like car wrecks and hospital visits, but also small things like stubbing your toe or bumping your head. You don’t need to be a part of a bar fight to create enough of an injury pattern to where your body goes haywire. Barely bump your head and it can shut down your cranial bones. Important, why? That’s how cerebral spinal fluid (csf) keeps moving around the spinal cord and brain. Check out this CSF Research ArticleAnyone in the market for aging faster?

Toxins involve all things that you consume that are ridiculously delicious. Okay, not really. You can enjoy fantastic healthy meals that don’t make you want to bang your head against the wall. Think processed foods, fast food, and anything that you can’t pronounce. The basic rule of thumb would be to stick to things you can pronounce, as well as things that granny can recognize.

So, when do these things start? Birth. You must be thinking, “Wow. They just got here. How could they need therapy already?” ‘Merica! It’s how we roll! But in all seriousness, think about the birthing process. You’re nestled in a nice, warm, and quiet cocoon until the entire thing breaks and floods out. Then you’re left to fend for yourself until finally after many hours later, you’re pulled out of the only home you’ve ever known and now you’re blinded by bright lights, hearing loud noises, and BAM! They spank you right on the bottom. Ouch! Welcome to earth.

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During that process, it’s entirely possible for the first bone in the neck to get lodged to one side or the other and affect the nervous system. Now that baby must grow up with a nervous system that isn’t functioning at 100% until he/she is introduced to the bright world of chiropractic. But imagine the potential that that babe could have if all interferences were removed. Better energy, better immune system, better digestion, better focus. The list goes on.

Fast forward to teenage/young adult years, especially athletes on game day. Rotator cuff tears, hamstring issues, knees hurt with just a simple change of direction... If not due to direct trauma, I believe many could be prevented if they had proper chiropractic care throughout their life. It’s not just enough to move the bone. The muscles are what hold the bones in place. If they’re not working right, how do you expect the alignment to stick?

Anyone think that you’re too old to learn new tricks? A patient named Frank first came to me when he was running 7 miles 3x/wk. Now that we’ve worked together, he runs 10 miles 3x/wk, as well as 100 push ups and 16 pull ups each time he runs. You may be thinking that he’s a young athlete or military guy, but actually, folks, he just turned 71 years old this year.

It’s all about how you invest in your health now rather than when you have a problem. If you wait until a health crisis, you’ll spend all your resources, money, and time on trying to get it back. Your health is your biggest asset. You can’t afford to let it slide.

Yours in Health,

Dr. D