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As we grow up, we all learn lessons. One lesson I didn't learn until later in life was how to quit. How to quit the not so perfect job, the toxic friendship, the negative relationship, or the college degree that I originally set out to obtain. Quitting seemed to be synonymous with failure. In reality, that wasn't the case at all. Personally, when I changed majors from Aeronautical Engineering to Kinesiology, it was the most freeing experience. Why? That's where my passion led me. Learning about psychology, the human body, what happens at a microscopic level when exerted to the extreme, and the list goes on. It's about doing what's congruent with you. Learn to quit.

As important as it is to develop skills of persistence and patience, it's also important to recognize when things, events, or certain people may not be ideal for your life. The world is constantly pulling us in different directions. Gathering information is important, as well as from different sources. Ultimately, it's up to you to not only make the decision - but you're also the one who has to LIVE with that decision. Something as simple as a friend saying, "Yes, you should get a new puppy," seems like a great idea. Until you get home, have to train it, buy food regularly, make arrangements and possibly pay for a dog sitter when you travel, on top of vet expenses, collars, toys, etc.  In the words of Shakespeare, "To thine own self be true." Honor your inner voice. 

Why do people consistently do the same things and expect different results? It's called insanity. Yet we continue with the same habits on a regular basis, such as eating sweets, skipping workouts, following a friend's poor suggestion, and hitting the snooze button. Why? Lacking vision and discipline. It is not about just saying that you want to get to point B. What little steps along the way will you take to get to that level? Work backward from your goal and give each smaller goal a date. It'll push you to work for it by a certain time so you'll be less likely to hit that snooze button. Be goal-oriented.

Richard Branson was asked to give a speech for a company for much money and only an hour of his time with a chartered flight to and from his home. The immediate response was 'no.' The company called again with a greater financial offer and shorter time to speak. Again, the answer was 'no." Finally, they called again and offered $500,000 for a shorter speech and a taxi back to the chartered flight in less than an hour. The answer was 'no." I'm sure most of you are thinking that you'd immediately take that deal. That was my initial thought.  "Well, it's Richard Branson, he can afford to say no to such a request when worth billions. I couldn't pass that up." Yeah, that's why you're not Richard Branson! He has specific goals in his company. If anyone asks him something unrelated to the current goals, he replies, "What the FOCUS are you talking about?" Maintain focus.

When getting started with my chiropractic office, I wanted to win everyone over as a client. I went above and beyond to please people, going in on holidays and bending to their whims in exchange for their acceptance and approval. Very soon, I realized I was running myself ragged, as well as receiving clients who didn't truly care to get healthy and wanted a bandaid for their pain. They were sucking the energy and time away from me as fast as a teenager can devour pizza. That's when skills come in handy. Recognizing the red flags with potential clients: what they may say, mannerisms, particular questions asked, and personality type let me know very quickly whether they are truly interested in holistic healthcare. The same goes for any service or product. The biggest thing to work on is not taking it home with you. Rejection is not the same as failure. Failure is falling on your face and refusing to get back up. When someone says no, you're that much closer to a yes. Even if you get no's all day long, pat yourself on the back. Because you did it. You stepped outside of your comfort zone and got your feet wet with engaging new people, asking questions, and daring to go where others wouldn't dream.  Release.

What has increased my confidence the most is continual learning. Confidence and education go hand in hand. The more knowledgeable you are on a topic, the more you can share. In my businesses, I am able to share more information than ever before after continuous seminars and reading on my own and making time to PRACTICE. What are you filling your mind with?   Continual education.

A joyful heart makes the face cheerful. proverbs 15:13 Seeing where you are and where you came from. Noting progress as you go, not just waiting until you get to the top level at your company. Celebrate the little victories. Gratitude.

I do what I do because I love it. What may be a job to many is fun for me. I believe in what I do and I do my best to live that lifestyle. When it's a part of you, it's tough to do anything else. Isn't it all about being congruent with yourself?

Yours in health,

Dr. D

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Daily writing: Gratitude journal. Passion planner or Inner Guide Planner on Amazon.