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Killing Your Microscopic Pets


What pets do you kill and which ones do you spare? I'm not talking about your precious felines and canines. That would just be cruel. Rather, I am talking about the inside of you. That's right... The ooey gooey microscopic pets that cuddle up together in your intestines and everywhere else in your body. Not to mention the not so nice ones like parasites from the food and water you had on your last international vacation. While you were having a blast trying tasty delectables, your current village of invisible animals were making new friends with international breeds of bacteria and parasites. Don't travel often? Try sushi places or other restaurants. Mmm...

There is definitely a concern over microbes that are morphing into mini beasties and fighting the pharmaceuticals originally meant to slay them. Where do we go from here? Do we pray that our bodies can push through when drugs no longer work or just avoid "germ-infested" places. Spoiler alert! Germs are everywhere, guys. You're just SOL unless you're interested in becoming a Morlock from H.G. Wells' The Time Machine; then, you may have a chance. Although I would imagine that living in a cave would bring about its own set of issues...

So how does one stay healthy amidst the infestation of critters?

1. Vitamin D. Easy enough if living in Miami year round; however, it is a major deficiency for most people. Although fatigue and muscle pain/weakness can be symptoms, the majority have no warning signs at all. Thus, we are unknowingly walking around with our vitamin D fuel on empty. No bueno.

How to fix it? Sun worshipers will jump with glee when they read the following sentence. Your body will never make TOO much vitamin D. It is suggested that you can roast yourself in the sun for brief moments of time to get a healthy level. Otherwise, if it's too chilly for said baking, then foods such as egg yolks, cod liver oil, salmon, and tuna are excellent sources as well.

2. Probiotics. You want to be careful with overdoing this one. You want to find a supplement that has a numerous amount of organisms. If it is only one kind, then it's definitely not enough. 60-80% of your immune system is located in the gut. Your gut is considered to be the "second brain," so it is vital that you keep it as healthy as the one in your head. Kefir, sauerkraut, miso, kombucha, raw cheese, or yogurt that comes from grass-fed organic sources are great sources.

For more information on probiotics, check out:

3. Hydration. Overdosing on water is unlikely, so make sure you are getting plenty of it. Half your body weight in ounces is a good start unless you sweat during your job or exercise. Be sure to tack on more if that's the case. Flushing out the system helps your body get rid of unwanted guests much faster and before you know it, they'll be announcing that, "Elvis has left the building." That's assuming that the bad bacteria in your body would be named Elvis...

4. Ginger. You can take it as a tea, essential oil, root, or powder in cooking. It is very beneficial in all things related to digestion including antibacterial and anti fungal properties. When you have sushi and consider leaving the ginger behind, think again.

5. Eat the Colors of the Rainbow. skittles for you. You'll have to take that one up with the Soup Nazi. However, having a well-rounded meal with multiple colors will help lead the way toward a healthy digestive tract. Think of veggies from the garden, multiple varieties and colors that will lead to a balanced digestive system. Otherwise, eating processed food, dairy, and sugars will lead to a leaky gut resulting in your own body turning on itself. No one would welcome chihuahuas with machine guns attacking everything in sight. That is essentially what happens every time you consume products that are not natural and created in a lab. So let's keep that scenario to a minimum.

Ultimately, it is up to you to take care of yourself. Just like you would care for the pets in your home, your microscopic pets need some TLC as well. If they are happy and active, you'll be much happier and active too!

Yours in health,

Dr. D